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Boiler Stoves


With the ever increasing prices of gas, electric, oil and LPG (close to 20% per year) more and more customers are deciding to opt for a woodburning or multifuel boiler stove. Becoming increasingly popular these boiler stoves can be installed both as independent heating systems or used as a ‘top up’ to an existing heating system being linked together with a centralizing unit.

Although these systems are fantastically efficient, they can be expensive to install with a full system and stove costing around £7,000. The reason for these costings are due to the upgrading of the pipe work, cylinder tank and header for safety reasons and also to make sure it meets today’s current regulations.

We have installed many boiler stoves over the years and have a specialist surveyor who would come and give the FREE survey to ascertain exact costs.


There are two main types of boiler stoves on the market – a full central heating stove with an integrated ‘wrap around’ boiler – and there is also the availability on some woodburning and multifuel stoves of having a ‘clip in’ boiler fitted.

  • CENTRAL HEATING STOVES. These purpose built stoves can obtain massive heat outputs, up to 82000BTU (24Kw) to the water. They are designed for full central and hot water heating.


  • CLIP IN BOILERS. These small boilers are designed to be installed in replace of the stove firebricks and are only suitable for water only back boilers or as a top up into an existing heating system.




What are wood burning boiler stoves?

The best way to explain boiler stoves is that they are just like an appliance that creates hot water. They burn wood in order to heat up the water, some work just like a gas boiler whilst others are more traditional like a wood burner. Wood burning boiler stoves come in many different permutations and a variety of types. 

The stoves have one simple job, to heat water up for use in the rest of the home. The burning wood heats the water, so it can be piped for use to heat the home, supply hot water for showers or used anywhere it is needed. These stoves have two to four tappings that are one inch BSP, and connect up to pipes that travel throughout the home. A metal box is the boiler, which is full of water that gets heated up by the burning wood. The metal box boiler replaces the firebricks that were used in the firebox of the traditional wood boilers. These stoves are known as backboilers because the metal box boiler sits more towards the back of the firebox. 

Heating Hot Water

Woodburning boiler stoves do not heat water as fast as the conventional gas or oil boilers. Woodburning stoves take a lot longer to heat up the water to a high temperature. Hot water cannot be taken directly from the stove boiler. Hot water for showers or domestic use would need to be stored in a hot water tank. The stoves boiler would heat up the storage tank of water so it can be used as needed. 

Choosing the Right Wood Boiler Stove

When picking out the boiler stove for your home make, sure you choose the size that is right for your needs. You will want to pick the one with the nominal heat output. The stoves come in a variety of different rated boiler outputs. They start at 5,000 BTU and run all the way up to 90,000 BTU. Check to see what is stated for the maximum or nominal output. Nominal output is what the stove would normally run. The maximum output would be if the stove were running at full blast. You never need to run a stove at its maximum output all the time. 

Wood Boiler Stove for Central Heating and Hot Water

In order to design a central heating and hot water system for a home you would need a professional heating engineer. Boiler stoves can be used for hot water and your central system for heating and an engineer would know how to set everything up properly. Yorkshire Stoves are fully qualified for fitting wet systems and we do recommend you use a Hetas registered installer to fit these as it could possibly be very dangerous if not fitted correctly to regulations.

Central Heating with Wood Fired Stoves

The heating system of the home would need to be connected up to the wood boiler stove. The heat is pumped to the radiators by the burning wood from the boiler. Homes with underfloor heating would have the boiler connected to a storage tank where the water is heated and then run through the pipes that are connected to the storage tank.


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