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Top Selling Wood Burning Stoves
Esse 1SE Image
Esse 1SE
The Esse 1, is our best selling budget stove at a price of £495. It is made of steel has a large glass window for the size of the appliance and kicks out 5kw of heat suitable for any standard sized room. It is very cleaned lined and features the UK Esse logo on the front, features a nice viewing window and also comes with a tool to be able to open the door without any burn risks.
Dik Geurts Ivar 5 Low Image
Dik Geurts Ivar 5 Low
The Ivar 5 stove manufactured by Dik Geurts was our best selling stove of 2017. There are many reasons for this, the huge glass window plays a big part but the controllability and build of this appliance are one of the best for wood burning stoves on the market. Features a bulky cast iron door & a removable handle that can be easily opened. We would recommend this for larger rooms even though this is rated at 5kw it does have a deep firebox giving a maximum or 7kk this product is also Defra approved for use in smoke controlled areas. Is also available in Multifuel as an option.
Dunsley Enviroburn 5 Solo Image
Dunsley Enviroburn 5 Solo
The Dunsley Solo range are the cleaner lined slightly more modern upgraded version of the standard highlander models, These are a real pleaser with our customers with the fact they are built in Yorkshire just down the road from us in Holmfirth. Suitable for burning wood and smokeless fuel really well with the Enviroburn models being able to burn wood in smoke controlled area. The Dunsley Enviroburn 5 solo has a portrait design suitable for the smaller openings unable to be widened finished with a chrome handle these are a great looking stove compared to others on the market.
Yeoman Exe Image
Yeoman Exe
The Yeoman Exe, is a 5kw stove available in wood or multi-fuel and also a single or double door model. It is a landscape slim stove with a very traditional appearance which is quite British cottage looking if that would be the style you are intending, made from steel with a cast iron door built and designed in the UK this is a high quality product.
Nordpeis Bergen Image
Nordpeis Bergen
The Nordpeis Bergen is one of the best selling 5kw wood burning stoves here at Yorkshire Stoves, due to the quality of the engineering put into the stove with its ceramic moulded firebricks and a strong handle mechanism you can see a lot of time has been spent in the design of this appliance. It also a stunning stove with a HUGE glass window with the body being square shaped and circular legs its very appealing and clean lined suited for both traditional and modern settings.
Stovax Stockton 5 Image
Stovax Stockton 5
The Stovax Stockton 5 has always been a great selling 5kw stove. Simply because of its clean square appearance it is a medium sized stove which can fit into most opening, the ability to be purchased as a wood burner (which burns wood exceptionally well) and a multifuel. Stovax have a record for producing quality and this stove is one of them.
Aga Ellesmere 4 Image
Aga Ellesmere 4
AGA’s newest model on the market introduced late 2015, this is such a stunning stove rated at 4kw but more suited for a 5kw room due to the size. The stove comes with a modern door, with AGA logo engraved into the casting and chrome handles and air slider. The is the first stove AGA have released in years at the similar output of the well known Little Wenlock. They have put all the years of time and technology into this appliance it is very controllable, burns wood and smokeless fuel exceptionally well and looks amazing when its burning a real eye-catcher.
Esse 100 Image
Esse 100
Esse 100 is a very slim designed 5kw stove with landscape appearance with a HUGE glass window with great views of the flames, the stove features a traditional shaped cast iron door and a steel body. The great thing about the esse 100 is that even though it comes as a multifuel there is a control where you are able to shut off the grate to make it into a wood only an advantage to some multifuel stoves on the market where this is not a option leaving the ash to cool in the ash pan below.
Clearview Pioneer 400 Image
Clearview Pioneer 400
Recognized as one of the best multifuel stoves on the market, The Clearview Pioneer 400 5kw would be a stunning appliance for any property, Available in may different colours, leg and handle options you are given a lot of choice to suit you. The stove features a double glazed window that has an excellent air wash system meaning cleaning the glass wouldn’t be as frequent as many stoves on the market, Clearview stoves are known for there controllability and strong build some models known to last up to 30-40 years if taken good care of. It offers a circular grate and 2 air controls finished with brass or chrome nuts. You will not find one bad review about these stoves, 5* for quality, Ease of use and appearance will not be disappointed.
Parkray Slimline 5 Image
Parkray Slimline 5
The Parkray Consort Slimline 5 is another British manufacturer which is more of a traditional looking 5kw stove, is available as a wood burner and can be purchased as a multifuel at an extra cost which is excellent at burning smokeless fuel over a long period of time. The stove is in landscape appearance that features a large curved window glass with simple air controls for ease of use.