In the past, a traditional fireplace was very much the focal point of a home as well as providing cooking facilities, light and of course, warmth. However, in the last couple of decades, builders have been installing modern and technologically advanced systems as these have become more popular.

Even modern homes are now being built without chimneys in order to save money. This is sad because, in theory, it has taken away an essential part of our homes. Many people would argue that a living room without a fireplace is not a living room at all and does not have a ‘heart’ without one.

With modern chimney systems, there is a level of flexibility that was never possible. You can have a wood burning stove installed anywhere in your home, whether it’s a more traditional setting in a fireplace as a focal point for the room or as a very discrete stove in a chilly conservatory, to convert it into a cozy and usable retreat in winter.

Twinwall Chimney System

twin wall chimneyThis flue can be used in your home whether there is an existing chimney (as a liner) or no chimney in your home. If your home does not have a chimney, we would simply construct one on either the outside or inside of your house.

The twin-wall Chimney System comprises of two 316/904 grade stainless steel tubes and a void filled with 25mm of insulation or rock wool. This chimney has been tested to BSEN 1856-1 and manufactured under ISO09001 and is also approved for use by  HETAS.

In most cases, your new stove and flue system is quite versatile so we would be able to fit the products virtually anywhere you choose in your home. This includes in your conservatory, extension, and areas where it is impossible to run a flue.

We are highly experienced with these kinds of installations and have before and after pictures and testimonials to help with your decision.

Pumice Chimney System

PUMICE CHIMNEYA Pumice chimney system is a prefabricated modular system that is one of the best choices if you want to have a large stove or open fire installed in an extension or a “new build” home. Pumice is a naturally efficient insulator which is the one quality that makes it truly different from other materials used to build chimneys.

The insulation provided by Pumice enables flue gases to reach the optimum temperature more quickly, which would enable your heating system to reach the optimum level of performance much quicker after it has initially been lit.