Your search for the best chimney maintenance services ends here with Yorkshire Stoves. We are a leading online company that specializes in chimney inspections, stove service, and chimney sweeping. Apart from these primary services, we also offer a complete range of after-sale service and the annual chimney sweep during summer.

Our Sweep & Services are able to book between:  (MARCH - AUGUST) 

Our chimney service is quite comprehensive in the sense that we cover everything from basic level 1 test, i.e. for sweeping and inspecting to the highest, i.e. level 3 test. Moreover, our stove engineers are Gas safe or Hetas registered.

Chimney Inspections

As stated above, our inspection services are segregated into three levels:

The Basic/first level – which implies a simple flue-flow examination

The Intermediate/second level – which comprises of a thorough chimney investigation

The advanced/third level – which comprises of investigation with the help of CCTV

Stove Service

This is the exact same thing as fire service for your gas stove, except it is meant for wood or multifuel burning ones. This is an annual service which helps in prolonging the lifespan of the wood burning stove by cleaning its baffles and replacing the rope seals and baffles if needed. Regular maintenance of wood burning stoves is a must otherwise it could render the stove dangerous for use.

Chimney Sweep

We sweep the chimneys in order to get rid of the soot which has built up within the chimney and in the case of wood burners, it sweeps off the dangerous amounts of creosote present in it! In addition to this, we also provide level 1 inspection of the burner or chimney.

Chimney Terminals

We sell and install everything related to the chimney from a basic rain-cap to a cutting edge anti down-draft terminal for draught correction. This process generally requires the replacement of a terminal and the installation of a fan flue terminal, a mechanical or a flue stabilizer.