Like a new outfit, furniture or a car a stove needs to serve your needs for a number of years. Your tastes and also the look of the stove in your home is important. When choosing a new stove for your home there are several factors which should be taken into consideration such as the heat output of the stove required,the type of fuel you are wanting to use, how the stove will be used i.e all day or when you arrive home from work, whether a free-standing or inset stove will suit your needs and also how many rooms or the type of building it will heat.

By speaking to a member of our team, you will draw upon years of experience for the highest levels of advice in terms of installation, maintenance and type of stove for your home. Our skills and knowledge of current legislation, installation types, as well as existing and upcoming products, will make choosing the right stove for you a straightforward fuss-free decision, with dedicated professional advice that you will not find on websites which operate a sales only policy. Our years of experience demonstrate our dedication to keeping our customers happy across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and we take pride in our list of happy customers.