Having a log fire in the home is a dream for many home owners. It’s traditional, cozy and brings a warm glow to your home, far more so than any radiator or electric form of heating. Wood or coal fires require a property to have a chimney but if this isn’t an option for you there is an alternative. Busy lifestyles also restrict the amount of time you can spend getting the fire going and waiting for the room to warm up. So when your lifestyle is demanding or your home is restricting your choice of heating but you still long for the charm and atmosphere of a log fire a gas stove is a suitable choice for you. Clean, simple to use, easy to maintain and can be installed almost anywhere, they are a more than worthy substitute to traditional methods of heating.

Easy to Operate and Keep Clean

They’re easy to light, all you need to do is press a button. You can even get models that make use of remote control operation allowing you to control your heating from the comfort of your armchair. You won’t need to spend hours keeping it clean and there’s no ash to tidy away. You can choose from a log or coal effect gas stove and enjoy all the pleasure of flickering flames and toasty heat with none of the hassle and that’s guaranteed. Available to run on either natural gas or LPG they emit very little pollution and can be easily installed almost anywhere in your home. You don’t even need to have a chimney as a balanced flue gas fire can be located against any outside wall.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly

Gas stoves are available in a range of attractive designs, shapes, and sizes and you aren’t restricted in the choice of positioning. They are slim so won’t impact on the space in any room and offer an attractive addition that will enhance not detract from your room. Choose from a number of different finishes, traditional or contemporary styles, all of which have been designed and tested to meet the highest quality standards. When the weather outside is wet and windy spend your time indoors gazing at colorful flames and feel that warm cozy glow from a gas stove that will become a focal point on lazy winter days. An addition to your room in front of which you can relax and enjoy some downtime without all the fuss of keeping it stocked with fuel.

Easy Installation and Excellent Customer Service

We’ve been working in the industry for more than 20 years and have all the experience necessary to provide a top notch service for the installation of your gas stove. The work of our surveyors and engineers is supported by a team of support staff that are dedicated to providing you with a service better than you dreamed of.
From initial planning, through choosing the right gas stove to final installation we will deliver a service that is sure to exceed your expectations. Contact us by phone, send us an email or visit our showroom. You’ll receive a warm welcome and be given all the advice and help you need to make the right choice for your particular needs and the style of your home.