inset stoves yorkshire

Built to fit directly into a chimney breast, leaving just the front face visible, inset wood burning stoves are an impressive feature in most living rooms, adding a considerable amount of character and charm. They are more efficient than an open fire and fit easily into most standard fireplace openings, reducing the amount of building work which is required. As a result, the cost of installation is usually relatively low.

Moreover, while most free standing stoves require a significant amount of space on either side and above, in order to allow for good air circulation, inset wood burning stoves require significantly less of this space. The result is that they are a much more compact option and a far more sensible choice for people with smaller chimney breasts.

A typical inset wood burning stove will contain a convection box, which works by allowing cold air to run around the firebox, thereby forcing hot air outwards into the room. Much like with free standing stoves, they also contain a firebrick lining, offering insulation and protection, as well as a plate, known as a baffle, which increases heat output and enables the stove to work more efficiently.

In addition, the vast majority of inset stoves have transparent glass doors, which effectively serve as a window, allowing for a stunning visual of the dancing flames contained within.


Inset Stoves