Wood burning stoves can provide a home with an efficient heating source, and with the ever increasing electricity, gas and oil prices, a wood burning stove can be just the solution to help cuts those costs. Installing one in the home can also allow for a certain degree of independence from the large energy suppliers, or become a nice cushion for when price hikes occur.

Stylish and Efficient

A wood burning stove isn't just a practical item to produce warmth and comfort for a room, it's also a beautiful and cosy addition to the home. Designs range from the more classic stoves that sit within a fireplace, while other options include free-standing and inset models which are perfect for open plan and modern homes. With a large range of styles from contemporary to traditional available, finding the perfect stove to suit your home can be achieved very easily. Various fuels that can be used to feed wood burning stove are logs, chips, and pellets. There are options available to select a multi-fuel stove that can burn both wood and fossil fuels if the need arises. But unlike a multi-fuel stove, a wood burning stove has no need for a raised fuel bed as burning wood doesn't require under fire air. Because of this wood burning stoves have a larger firebox which also helps extend re-fuelling times.

Wood better for the environment than smokeless fuel

As wood is a renewable and sustainable resource, it's far more friendly to the environment than heating your home with fossil fuels. When wood is burnt it expels the same amount of carbon dioxide that is absorbed throughout its lifetime, therefore burning wood is totally carbon neutral. On average, a wood burning stove will cost substantially less to supply heat to a home than using gas, oil or electric, and can potentially produce savings of up to 1/3 off of your heating bills.

Making the Switch

Once you have discovered the perfect wood burning stove for your home, it then needs to be installed professionally by a HETAS registered installer like ourselves. Most properties can be fitted with a stove, although the installation process is easier if there is an accessible chimney. If one isn't present, however, a stove could still be installed but would require a chimney system to be built.

Increasing Heating prices

Due to the practical nature of supplying heat to a single room, powering central heating, or even supplying a home with hot water, it has become a lifestyle choice for many. With the ever increasing prices of heating your home with large energy suppliers, more and more people are switching to the more cost effective and efficient wood burning stove keeps the heart of their homes warm.