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Free Standing Wood Burning Stoves

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Modern & Contemporary Free Standing Wood Burning Stoves

free standing wood burning stovesYorkshire Stoves have a large collection of modern and contemporary free standing stoves that can be installed perfectly in almost any room of your home, eliminating the need to have a chimney and creating a breathtakingly stunning focal point in any environment.

Ideal for adding heat into an open plan space, free standing log burners are created with elegance, clean lines and stunning views from almost every angle, allowing everyone to enjoy the dancing flames that will melt away your most stressful moments.

We have the largest collection of free-standing wood burning stoves on the market and continue to offer the best UK and European brands that present prestige and quality that you can depend on, including AGA, Nordpeis and Lotus.

FreeStanding Stoves Perfect for Every Room

Unlike traditional wood burning stoves, free standing stoves can be installed into areas of your home that don’t need to have a chimney, instead they can be placed into the centre of a wall or even placed into the corner of your open plan areas.

With large glass doors and modern design as standard, free standing stoves offer uninterrupted views of the perfectly silent, warming performance that we have become accustom to.

If you would like to know more about whether your home is suitable for free standing stoves or simply want more information about any of the stoves in our collection, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


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