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cost of wood burning stove installation

How much does wood burning stove installation cost?

When you are looking at how much does wood burning stove installation cost, it is common to think about the cost that comes with having the stove installed and that is why we are going to try to give you a little bit more information about how much wood burning stove installation costs.

While we are not able to provide you an exact cost as each home is different and your requirements will be different to the other customers that we will be installing stoves for right now, we will do everything that we can to provide you with a rough idea of the cost involved.

For a more personalised idea on the cost of installation in your home, please book a free no-obligation home survey with one of our HETAS registered surveyors and he will be able to assess what is needed and provide you with a quote based on the stove you have chosen.

The average cost of wood burning stove installation

As we have already mentioned, installing a wood burning stove into a property can come with a number of things that need accounting for, including whether you have a chimney, if there is an existing fireplace that needs to be removed or if you need an alternative flue system installed to allow you to have your selected stove installed in the area of your home that you would like your stove.

When it comes to the cost of wood burning stove installation, the average cost of having a stove installed in your home is around about £1,500 according to the trade body Stove Industry Alliance, however that would be based on a smaller stove that needs just a small amount of building work during the installation process.

The overall cost of having a wood burning stove installed into your home can vary, with the size, type and cost of your selected stove potentially adding to the cost that you should expect when thinking about having a stove installed into your home.

We have noticed that there is a large shift towards interest in freestanding wood burning stoves being installed in homes across Yorkshire and these stoves generally cost more to install as would require a flue system installed to allow for your stove to be fed outside.

What can increase the cost of a wood burning stove being installed?

In most cases, installing a wood burning stove into a home is fairly straight forward and often sees home owners looking to change their existing fireplace with their choice of wood burning stove, meaning that we have a chimney available to create the ventilation needed.

However, there are features on a wood burning stove that can see the price of the stove and installation being increased above the average cost of £1,500 mentioned by the Stove Industry Alliance, including but not limited to:

  • A stove being of a larger size or with larger window design
  • A stove being able to swivel
  • A stove is double sided so that you can see the flames from a wider range of view
  • A stove is created as a feature piece that boosts interior design
  • The installation of your stove requires additional work to fit your stove safely
  • Your installation is within a space within your home that does not have an existing chimney
how much does wood burning stove installation cost

Why do some wood burning stoves cost more than others?

When it comes to wood burning stoves, there are a wide range of options available to you and while you will often find cheaper China made stoves being offered for as little as £400 stove only, there is certainly a reduction in the expected quality and life expectancy of your stove that you should think about.

An example of this is that a £400 stove from China is expected to last between 2-5 years if maintained correctly, while a UK or Scandinavian made stove that costs upwards of £1,200 would offer a life expectancy of 20 years+.

Just like many things that you could buy for your home, paying for quality products will always offer you a longer lasting product that can serve you and your family for a significantly longer length of time.

Other things to think about with this in mind are:

  • Build quality
  • Construction material
  • Efficiency
  • Features
  • Whether replacement parts are readily available
  • Guarantee & warranty

How much do wood burning stoves cost to maintain?

When buying a wood burning stove, there are a wide variety of options available to you as a customer and you will quickly see that some of the higher budget stoves offer additional features to help to reduce the maintenance that is needed by your stove to run efficiently, including Airwash technology and self-cleaning glass windows.

A quality stove would need very little in the way of maintaining throughout the year, however your chimney or flue should be swept once a year should you make regular use of your stove to eliminate potential blockages or damage to them.

One part of your stove that should certainly be maintained is your flue or chimney liner, these do need replacing and on average last roughly 5 years from installation with regular use of your stove, however cheaper liners would require replacement sooner, so we always suggest that our customers go with quality over cost.